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Flank Management


D. Peyton Ligon – General Manager

Growing up on a farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Peyton found a passion for food quality at a young age, shucking sweet corn straight from the crop—reveling in the freshness and eating them with his toes still in the dirt. Similarly, his desire for gastronomic enjoyment is underscored in the experience he creates for his guests—an unrestrained heartiness in the escapades of eatery.
In a career spanning from casual to fine dining, his passion not only remains in the restaurant industry, but in what the industry represents: an escape, a multisensory emotional destination. “People want to feel happy,” he says, “There’s an emotional place they want to get to and food does that…add the ambiance and hospitality, a friendly face, a funny bartender, or a great soundtrack and it only compounds that experience and expedites an emotional journey to elation. Food has become something you don’t just share with family and friends…you share it with the world, via social media, etc. He goes on, “You can put a filter on the photos of the food that you share, however you can’t put a filter on the experience.”
Peyton believes that dining out should be no different than cooking for guests in your home, that is, creating a thoughtfully prepared meal in a comfortable environment. He adds, “When the food that you’re eating is locally sourced, hand-picked or grown with care, there’s a connection to the earth—a connection to life. This visceral pleasure, enjoyed in the company of friends and unchained from codes and customs, is the pinnacle of the dining experience.”
As a result, his approach to hospitality dismisses some of the pomp and circumstance of restaurant standards for the sake of a more invested experience. His vision? “Dining out should be a dialogue, creating a new understanding, and creating a new emotional memory. It’s a collaborative education where everyone, both host and guest, comes away learning something—it may be something about themselves, or a culinary technique…an exciting new wine, or an unexpected friend. Essentially, the restaurant should be an engaging and enthusiastic atmosphere where creativity and quality meet knowledgeability and grace.”

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Michael Isacco – Chef de Cuisine

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